21 August 2015

"Drugstore" haul.

I did it again. I made an online Boots order, What is wrong with me?! It's an illness I tell ya! I am disgustingly skint (hurry up Student Loan!) but I cannot stop buying make-up goodies.
 C'est la vie.

As you may be able to tell from my previous post regarding my 'brows, I am constantly on the lookout for drugstore eyebrow products. I have heard such good things about Soap & Glory's offerings and I shall report back ASAP. 

In my defense, these were buy one get one half price.. would've simply been rude not to! 

 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil £8
Archery Brow Tint and Pencil £10

Now I'm sure that every blogger has gone on about the new Rimmel Kate Moss Nude lipsticks.. blah blah "Kylie Jenner lips" blah.. I have no shame to admit that I have well and truly jumped on this bandwagon! Who doesn't want fuller looking lips in pretty nude shades?! I do, I do!

I picked up the shades 42: a more peachy-toned nude that reminds me of a warmer MAC "Creme d'Nude" but is very wearable. 45 is a lot more cool-toned mauvey-nude but is BEAUTIFUL. These are so creamy yet very pigmented = perfect formula. 

Watch out for some photos of me wearing these popping up in a post soon! These were, again, buy one get the second half price but are normally £5.49 each. 

L-R 42, 45

P.S Has anyone tried this Soap and Glory Sculpting Pencil? Please let me know if you have! 

19 August 2015

Percy turns two.

If you follow me on instagram then you may be aware that I have a Pug, Percival. Percy is my best friend, the best company whenever I'm feeling poop and he is insane (like moi). On August 9th this little fella turned 2 (*sob* where has my baby gone?!). I thought I'd share some photos with ya'll, 

I decided to make him a "doggy cake" and used this recipe and let's just say.. he loved it. He LOVES carrots so this was his dream cake. And yes, of course, I made my family sing to him and help blow out of his candles..

"Just give me my cake bitch."


17 August 2015

Brow fails.

I have my Dad's eyebrows.. blonde and sparse. Great! If you have these fail brows like myself then I'm sure you can feel my pain. If I do my eye make-up without filling in my eyebrows I just end up looking..strange. 

They are a little darker here as they have foundation and powder in them..

I'm forever on the lookout for new brow products that will deliver full yet natural-looking eyebrows. The hunt continues..
Here are two fails I have come across during my search.

Revlon "Brow Fantasy" in the shade Dark Blonde - £7.99 

Okay this isn't terrible it's just not good. Why do companies think all blonde folk want warm, gingery brows?! It's simply too warm toned and not precise enough. You need to sharpen it so often to keep a precise nib that you end up going through this far too quickly. It's like drawing your eyebrows on with crayon and the gel isn't much better. The brush doesn't pick up any gel so I can't even tell you if the formula is any good! 2/5.

Now.. for the worst of them all. I have used many brow products from MUA to MAC. I had decent hopes for Maybelline but my oh my have they created an awful brow product. It's the "Master Shape" brow pencil in Dark Blond. Okay this is only £2.99 but that doesn't give it the right to be so, so bad. It has no colour pay-off when applying to your brows and is just SO waxy that the eyebrow hairs that I do have just cling together for dear life.
L-R Revlon , Maybelline
  The texture of this means that if you want to apply any powder/pencil over the top it will just not apply evenly and clings in patches. Please stay away from this folks! Even the spoolie is pretty useless.. *sigh*.

Sorry to be a Negative Noreen but I'd rather you save your pennies than waste them on these poor products like I have! I'm currently trying out some new eyebrow purchases and I shall let you know how I get on with them very soon!